The U.S. Is No Different Than Any Other Country, Says President Obama

“No world order that elevates one nation or groups of people over another will succeed.”  President Barack Obama, Speech to the United Nations General Assembly, September 23, 2009. 


I am embarrassed that the President of the United refuses to recognize the greatness of the United States of America.  I am ashamed that the President repeatedly fails to acknowledge the great and significant sacrifices and accomplishments of the people of the United States.  And I am amazed at the naiveté and fundamental misunderstanding demonstrated by the President with this statement.  It appears that the President believes there is a “world order” that he is capable of effecting.  An order where all nations are morally and politically equivalent, with no one nation different from the other.  And by showing the world that he acknowledges that the United States is no different or better than any other country he is domnstrating leadership that will be respected and followed by others.  Unbelievable! 


Unfortunately for the President, there is a “natural” world order that is dictated more by morality than politics.  And nations and groups of people will “self-order,” with some rising above others.  And in such a world order, certain nations or groups of people will and should stand above others, and stand up and for others.  There is a need for a world leader, a superpower, if you will, that the President fails to recognize.  That is and has been, at least since WWII, the role of the United States.  Yesterday, President Obama told the world that that is no longer the role of the United States.  Yesterday, the President told the world that there is nothing that distinguishes the United States from other countries, and it is wrong to believe there is.   


But the naiveté and arrogance of the President is astounding – believing there is a political order, yet no moral order.  Nations and groups of people are not all the same, and some will elevate over others.  The United States is such a nation, and the founding principals embodied in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution are the reason.  “…[A]ll men are created equal,…endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights…”  These bedrock principals are not shared by all nations or groups of peoples – but the serve to elevate the United States above other nations or groups of people.  They serve to distinguish the United States from countries like Iran, Russia, China, Cuba, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, and may others.  For the President of the United States to level the playing field among all nations of the world is astounding.  The United States is different – not necessarily better than every other country, not necessarily the best, but different.  And different in ways that have advance Democracym world peace and the human condition for the world more than any other country.  I am ashamed that the President of the United States is not proud of his country and refuses to stand up for the United States.