Why Won’t the Washington Post Identify Perry Protestors As Professional Activists?

It’s the under-the-radar, everyday media bias that really gets me down sometimes.

Case in point: Krissah Thompson of the Washington Post filed a typically lazy, agenda-driven article on protestors interrupting Rick Perry’s visit to New Hampshire today. Being a Post story, it is a high ranking headline on the daily news aggregators such as Google News, so it reaches a decently sized audience.

The story highlights three anti-Perry quotes from apparently unrelated New Hampsherites:

“He’s appealing to the tea party,” said Larry Drake, a retired federal worker and Democrat, who came to the meet-and-greet to show his opposition to Perry. “It’s like George W. Bush on steroids.”

“Did you say Social Security is unconstitutional?” Gail Mitchell, a small-business owner from Barrington, yelled as Perry walked down the sidewalk.

As they chatted, Jamie Contois, who had driven two hours to meet Perry, interrupted politely to ask about his jobs plan that she opposes.

Contois kept the conversation going for nearly 15 minutes, stepping aside when two little girls approached to shake Perry’s hands, then jumping back into the conversation.

“His jobs plan sounds a lot like trickle-down economics,” Contois said. “We’ve seen those policies enforced and they’ve led to a massive crash of the economy.”

Now, you and I know that these mindless rants are not spontaneous reactions to the evil Governor Perry, but rather an organized misison by professional leftists to control the media message early in the Perry candidacy. We also know that any MSM reporter worth their salt would ignore or cover up that these individuals are professional activists, insted naming them ‘small business owners’ or ‘retired federal workers.’ However, since names were provided, I decided to find out just how easy it is to prove that all three individuals are part of the professional left.

It was extremely easy. Ten minutes with Google led to the following facts about our civic-minded protestors:

Larry Drake, a retired federal worker and Democrat

Larry Drake is Chairman of the Portsmouth City Democratic Committee.

He was recently honored by the NH Citzens Alliance (“Over thirty years of working for social, economic, and political justice for all!”) for his career of activism. (The site suggests Mr. Drake may have formerly been a Democratic State Representative).

His Facebook interests include:  Blue Hampshire Blog, Protect NH Families, New Hampshire Democratic Party, Naral Pro-Choice New Hampshire, The Green Alliance, Clean Air-Cool Planet, Union Carpenters of New Hampshire, Draft John Lynch, The Campaign Workshop, Manchester Central Labor Council, Left Leaning Liberal Ladies, Change to Win, Americans Against the Tea Party, I voted or campaigned for Obama in 2008, and I do not regret that decision, NH Job Losses Due to Republican Control, Friends of Bernie Sanders, New Hampshire Alliance for Retired Americans, Elizabeth Warren, Deval Patrick, National Treasury Employees Union, Manchester City Democrats, Rollinsford Democrats, Newmarket NH Democrats, Stop Right to Work in New Hampshire, I’m Voting For Barack Obama In 2012, Derry Democratic Committee, New Hampshire Freedom to Marry, New Hampshire Young Democrats, Farmington NH Democrats, Epping Area Democrats, New Hampshire Committee to Elect House Democrats, NH Sierra Club Chapter, NEA-New Hampshire, State Employees’ Association of New Hampshire, SEIU Local 1984, New Hampshire Students for the Environment, Iron Workers Local 7, Barack Obama, Tim Kaine, Belknap County Democrats, Wolfeboro Democrats, Mid-Rockingham Democrats, Northwood Democrats, Goffstown NH Democrats, Sullivan County Democrats, Carol Shea-Porter, and Rockingham County Democrats (whew).

Well, Ms. Thompson did dutifully report that he was a Democrat.

“Jamie Contois, who had driven two hours to meet Perry… [and] interrupted politely”

Jamie Contois’s current ‘occupation’ is NH State Director of the “Working Families Win” political organization. A hard worker, she holds down several additional ‘jobs’: ‘Volunteer and Co-Founder at Monadnock Live Free and Equal Coalition’, ‘Housing Summit Planning Committee Member at Heading for Home’, and ‘Member at Monadnock Homelessness Coalition’.

Jamie Contois “priority issues” at ‘Working Families Win include Budget Equity, Affordable, Quality Health Care for All, and Workers’ Rights.

No stranger to the protest business, Jamie Contois just a few months ago was pictured assembling busloads of the professional left to demonstrate in Concord against Republican state legislation initiatives.

No wonder Ms. Contois interrupted Gov. Perry so smoothly and politely. She’s a professional interrupter.

Gail Mitchell, a small-business owner from Barrington

Gail Mitchell was a Regional Field Office Organizer for Chris Dodd for President in 2008.

Gail Mitchell is a group organizer for ‘Democracy For America’ in NH’s Rockingham/Strafford county area.

And my favorite: Gail Mitchell, who is quoted in the article ‘yelling’ at Perry about Social Security while he walked down the sidewalk, wrote the following letter to the Concord Monitor in 2009 stating the following about tea party participation in a town meeting by former Rep. Carol Shea-Porter:

[T]he favored tactics of those opposing reform were not reasoned discourse, but rather shouting and yelling to create disruption and draw attention to themselves. The media cooperated by photographing and rushing to interview those who interrupted the meeting. Those who acted appropriately were largely ignored.

It’s like rain on your wedding day

I don’t mean to malign these activists; they are just exercising (and exercising and exercising) their First Amendment rights to be hippie dumb***es. However, it is absurd for these quotes to go into a supposedly objective newspaper without any mention (and apparently without any research) as to whether they were part of an organized campaign by professional Democratic activists. It’s AstroTurf at its finest, and it just slips over the head of MSM reporters who really believe the whole country is of the same opinion as these fringe lunatics.

So, Ms. Thompson, next time you do a story on some everyday protestors, you may want to check this site. It does all that hard reporting-type work for you.