America Has Lost a Battle,But Not the War

You can always tell when Obama suffers a diplomatic failure when the media diverts its attention to Michelle.

In Brazil President Obama was welcomed like the long lost Uncle who held the keys to the family fortune. And Obama turned that key, and guaranteed Petrobras a $2 billion dollar loan for offshore oil exploration. While here at home the defacto offshore drilling moratorium remains firmly intact.

In El Salvador, the Obamas were greeted with a lukewarm reception. Obama responded by ‘gifting’ Salvadoran President Mauricio Funes with $200,000,000 of our hard earned tax money, supposedly to help combat drug trafficking in the region.
Mr. Funes has been criticized for lack of a plan to fight El Salvador’s increased criminal activity. Since taking office in June 2009, criminal statistics on homicides, robbery and extortion have increased, and as of February 2010, 13 persons were murdered daily. In response, the Salvadoran President has ordered the deployment of the army to cooperate with police authorities in their fight against crime. More recently, there have been reports of newly formed Death Squads operating in El Salvador, due in part to a lack of response of the police.( the next Libya?)
President Obama also issued his usual sanctimonious apology for the evil doings of his predecessors by visting the tomb of known Communist sympathizer Archbishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero.( brings tears to my eyes)

In between his visits to Brazil and El Salvador, the Obamas also made a stop in Chile. I’ll let the headlines speak for themselves.




It is not surprizing that the state run media would use the First Family as a distraction from the Presidents failures. What continues to baffle me is what they’re willing to accpet as success.

A recently released cable from the State Dept. Dated August 29,2005 has indicated that America has lost an important ally.



“All diplomacy is a continuation of war by other means.” So says Zhou Enlai, the first Premier of the Peoples Republic of China, a post which he served from October 1949, until his death in January 1976.


Rest in fear America.