Dems Drunk With Power,House Budget Vote 4/15/2011

While our  liberal friends around the web  celebrate about nothing, the Paul Ryan Budget Bill has passed the House by a vote of 235-193.

Also on the floor Friday 04/15/2011, were a handful of substitute budgets submitted by other groups within the House. The chamber rejected proposals from the Congressional Black Caucus, The Progressive Caucus, the Democratic House leadership and the Republican Study Committee.

The CBC Budget proposal failed by a 103-303 vote, and the Progressive Budget by a 77-347 vote, and the budget proposed by the Republican Study Committee failed by a vote of 119-136 with 172 Democrats in the chamber voting ‘present’.

House Republicans are refering to todays shenanigans by Democrat lawmakers as a page directly out of the book of Barack Obama. As an Illionois State Senator, Obama voted ‘present’ a startling 130 times.

For most of us, a day merely survived is no cause for celebration.