Anatomy of a 'Monster'

 First off, I should inform you that I am neither pro-choice or pro-life…….I am pro-abortion and am totally infactuated with modern techniques; we’ve come a long way since the good ol’ coat-hanger. Are you aware that 1 out of 3 abortions in America are performed by Planned Parenthood?

First in the drug induced abortion. After a would be Mom misses her second period, there’s a lil’ pill, RU-486, that literally starves God’s lil’ miracle to death….AWESOME!

Then there’s the suction-aspiration technique that is done with a vaccuum hose. The powerful suction rips the little monster to pieces and rips it right out of the uterus. It’s kindof like sucking the head of a crawfish. Ever visit the beautiful city of  New Orleans?

Then there’s the dilation and curettage method, invented by fisherman, you just take a loop-shaped knife and cut the lil’ guy right outta there, like it’s a tumor or something.

And then there’s the dilation and evacuation method, where a pair of pliers is used to grab hold of the critters leg and tear it out of there piece by piece. Then the nurse assisting  me  will put all the pieces back together until the puzzle is complete. It looks kinda like ‘Chucky’ when it’s done.

Then there’s the induction of forced labor that relies on the trauma to kill the lil’ beast. Mostly used in late term abortions. I’ve heard of live births where some Doctors will use ‘Thor’s Hammer’ to put an end to the misery. Any man that can destroy God’s miracles must be a God himself. Don’t you think?

And last, and most fun, is the dilation-extraction routine. Also used in late term abortions.    I   reach deep in there and force a breech birth, pulling the critter all the way out, except for its head, and waits for it to suffocate. Can you imagine holding a kicking, screaming, human being in such a way that it can’t breath…..Ewwwwww, just feeling the life run out of it is  a rush!

With all of the good I do for society, there are some who have the audacity to call me a monster.