OK, it's AFTER the election!

NOW, can we PLEASE discuss a third party? I have given up on the GOP even being reformable! John “never met a fight I wouldn’t run from” Boehner is all ready to make nice with Obama and work with him to back us away from the “fiscal cliff” that we wouldn’t be on the verge of if they had stood their ground when the tyrant still had a reelection to worry about! Hey, JOHN! You gonna go for keeping that 2010 Campaign promise to repeal Obamacare NOW? When you have a dog that consistently bites the hand that feeds it, you eventually shoot it in the head and go to the kennel and try and pick out one that’s trainable. The GOP establishment denigrated every candidate the Tea party backed for President, and rammed their choice down our throats! now they want to blame US that he lost! I WENT AND VOTED! I talked up Romney! I supported Romney a LOT more enthusiastically than the establishment GOP supported Cain when he was ‘Borked’ he got all the support you could expect from a circular firing squad! The problem is this, the establishment wants to win control from the Democrats, but they want all the bells and whistles and mud flaps with white stars! they don’t want to dismantle the excrement machine, they just want their turn to drive, and repay THEIR cronies and line THEIR pockets for awhile.That’s why they try to corrupt the freshman congressmen and Senators as soon as they get to Washington, so they won’t rock the boat. The boat doesn’t need to be rocked, it needs to be torpedoed! We can waste ten or twelve YEARS trying to reform the GOP, or we can start a Conservative Party, and let the GOP fade into irrelevance the same as the Whigs. For the same reasons! The Whigs lost huge, and they were no longer a viable representation of their constituency. Who here hasn’t had a car get a bit too old? You don’t WANT a new car payment to have to make every month, but even though this one’s paid for, you’re spending more fixing what’s wrong with it, than the payments on a new one would be. That realization is usually a gradual awareness that you become aware of, until you break down and start cruising the car lots. well, it’s time to start kicking the tires on a new political party, and trying to figure out how not to allow the new one to be hijacked by near-leftist, neocon, RINO types! as to what happens while we do that, does anyone here really THINK John Boehner CARES what you say or do? Or Karl Rove? If we can get a start, and have our people caucus with like minded Republicans, we would find them coming over to us in droves! What conservative republican wants to be associated with McCain? Or Snowe? Or Graham? I Said that if the GOP did it again, I would be agitating for a third party, and it seems like my original candidate agrees with me!