Voter Fraud, maybe foreign observers INSIDE the polls wouldn't be so bad!

So far, there have been reports from Kansas and Ohio
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as well as North Carolina
and Virginia
as well as Pennsylvania and even Texas
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Nevada, and Maryland
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need I point out that in a nation of 50 States, this list represents over 10%? There are numerous explainations that have been offered, the most common being “calibration issues” and “operator error”. The law of averages would lead us to believe that simple miscalibration would affect both parties roughly equally, and I thought the electronic voting was supposed to eliminate voter confusion, after the 2000 Florida debacle. But the switches are overwhelmingly Republican to Democrat, and as an electronics technician, when the hue and cry was raised to switch all the voting over to electronic machines, I knew THEN that circuitry and software could be too easily manipulated. There has been a lot of time and effort expended on trying to clean up voter registration rolls, and require ID’s to vote to eliminate the usual low-tech forms of voter fraud, but this phenomena has been largely ignored. I’ve read articles suggesting a Spanish firm hired to count votes is ultimately owned by George Soros, but this is occurring even before the votes get to that stage.

Then, there IS the traditional, low tech voter fraud:
To be fair, explainations HAVE been offered:
but they failed to explain this

Is voter fraud being committed in Ohio?

These were Democrats intimidating predominantly Republican senior citizens, but why is it always the Democrats who scream about voter intimidation? Why was a kluker in a white sheet wielding an axe handle outside a polling place back in the 60’s in Birmingham a racist, and a New Black Panther in paramilitary clothing outside a polling place in Philadelphia wielding a baseball bat in 2008 not? In 2007-2008, ACORN registered THOUSANDS of voters, and many ACORN workers were prosecuted for filling out false registration forms to make daily quotas. However without regularly purging voter registration rolls, many of these bogus registrations, as well as those who have moved out of state, died, or been convicted of felonies remain on voter registration rolls. It is a classic tactic commonly attributed to Democrats to look through obituaries and then in the following election, go vote in the name of the deceased. What an organization like ACORN at your disposal, and no requirement to show any form of ID on election day, it would be entirely possible to have fifty people on a bus go to twenty different precincts and vote under fifty different bogus registrations creating a thousand undetectably bogus votes. How many buses could the DNC afford in how many swing states? Now the NAACP has asked an international election observation group to come in and monitor for voter intimidation! Instead of the Republicans, and the States of Texas and Iowa resisting, perhaps they should ask that they send MORE and require that each group be briefed by not only members of the DNC and NAACP, but by GOP operatives as well. The observers are to ensure there is no intimidation going on, and Texas has vowed to keep them outside the polling places, but outside, they can’t see all the instances of voting machines changing votes. They’ll be told that it’s illegal for polling officials to ask for ID, but they should also have it pointed out that many of them are from countries (France, Germany, Serbia) that REQUIRE a valid ID to vote. Ask them why the people who originally invited them oppose such regulations, if their countries feel them necessary. One way or another, we need to end the crime of voter fraud, and if that means calling them at their own game, and embarrassing them in front of their own invited observers, then so be it! The Democrats love to remind us of stolen elections by bringing up Bush in 2000, let’s look at that in light of events before and after that election, shall we? It is believed by many, that had Kennedy lost Cook County, he would have lost Illinois, and if he lost Illinois, he would have lost the election. There was one precinct in Cook County (Chicago, run by Hizzoner the Mayor Daily) that really carried the water for Kennedy. Nixon gracefully conceded and was largely unheard of in national politics until he ran again in 1968. Sometime AFTER the election, some people began digging, and found that a greater number of voters than what actually decided that whole election, were residents of Cook County’s largest cemetery! Of course by then JFK was long sworn in, and his brother Bobby Kennedy, the Attorney General, wasn’t about to launch an investigation. The election between Al Gore and George W. Bush was close. It boiled down to Florida. When it appeared that Bush had carried the election, and the difference in electoral voted was slimmer than the number of Florida Electors, DNC operatives began making calls to elderly voters in Broward, Miami-Dade, Palm Beach, and Volusia Counties asking them whether they were SURE they didn’t accidentally vote for Pat Buchanan. This caused a huge clamor for a possible recount, on less evidence than we’ve already seen in 2012. Instead of a massive Gore victory, even more Bush votes were found, prompting a demand and lawsuits calling for a recount of just those four predominantly Democrat counties! This has emerged as a predominant theme in Democrat politics in the past twelve years, as evidenced by the Al Franken victory in a run off in Minnesota. Upon losing, instead of conceding defeat, the Democrat calls for recount after recount, demanding that only heavily Democrat precincts get recounted, and boxes of ballots somehow mysteriously appear that were in some election officials trunk, or left in a corner uncounted, and surprise surprise, they’re almost all Democrat! The Democrats often cite this as evidence of GOP election tampering, even though being predominantly Democrat precincts the polling places are largely managed and run by Democrats! Thus the original election results get overturned and the Democrats get another vote in Congress. It’s gotten so bad, that in close races, the Democrat whether incumbent or challenger, often has the paperwork for the lawsuit and protest drawn up in advance. I don’t care what the margin is, you watch, Barack Obama will similarly file suit against Mitt Romney if he loses, citing the heavily skewed polls as evidence that he should have won. Back to Florida. In addition to the ‘hanging chad fiasco’ Al Gore’s campaign manager was none other than Hizzoner the Mayors own son! I heard anecdotal reports of the residents to a State School for mentally challenged people being registered, then bussed ton the polling place and being handed ballots that were already filled out for the straight Democrat ticket, Senior Citizens being handed ballots that already had Al Gores spot punched, and others, none of which ever got the attention of Florida. So when I hear people (even Republicans) saying that Bush lost the popular vote but won the electoral vote, I have to question the actual popular vote totals! In 2004, a Democrat operative in Michigan, or Minnesota (I forget which), was interviewed on national television talking about how they were bringing in the homeless vote by buying homeless people cigarettes! Once again, shuffled off to another part of the country, never prosecuted (blatant vote buying is ILLEGAL) The bottom line is that as much as the Democrats scream about voter suppression, and disenfranchisement, and fraud, they are the undisputed champions of voter fraud, and this is the underlying reason why having the same basic ID requirements to vote as being able to cash a check, buy anti-histamines, or alcohol, or cigarettes, or get a job, are decried by Democrats as tactics of voter intimidation and suppression of the minority vote! After this election, we need to investigate ALL reports of election tampering and see to it that the perpetrators are made an example of, and the laws regarding elections are tightened up to at LEAST make it more difficult to ‘Game the System’. Finally, there’s the current scandal (not the worst, but the one closest to the topic at hand) of the Obama campaign not having even the most rudimentary safeguard in place to prevent illegal foreign donations.

‘Bin Laden’ solicits foreign donors on Obama’s website

But dollars to donuts, if Obama loses, his loss will be counted as punishment enough, and nobody will ever be held accountable for the decision not to activate safeguards BUILT INTO the software in use. Strangely enough, they ARE in place on the campaigns ‘store’ page, so no one can say they are unaware of these safeguards.