An Alternative to Impeachment


THIS is good news! It means that anyone found complicit in Fast and Furious can now be determined to be an accessory to this crime, without the case the accessory charge is based upon being thrown out or acquitted. As a bit of background, i read a story about a young man in Florida, who’s sitting on death row, for nothing more that loaning his car to a friend. This seems a travesty, even is a bit more detail, because the ‘friend’ used the car to go to a convenience store and shot the clerk to death while robbing it. For providing the perpetrator with the means to get to the scene of the crime the youth received the death penalty.

Why do I say all that, and what has it got to do with impeachment you ask? Well, is there any doubt that any attempt at impeachment against Barack Obama would result in (at best) the same result as Clinton’s impeachment (in other words, nothing) or more likely, result in the impeachment being totally ignored by Harry Reid (less than nothing)? HOWEVER, there is no impeachment for someone after they have been voted out of office! There is also no statute of limitation as far as I know on murder. If a young man can be sentenced to death for loaning his car to the murderer, how much MORE deserving of that sentence be for those who put the gun in the killers hand? If a Law Enforcement Officer in the State of Arizona, where Brian Terry’s murder took place, were to subpoena the House Oversight Committee for all materials related to the Fast and Furious case, and then subpoena the Justice Department (no longer run by Eric Holder at that point) for the same materials that Obama put under Executive Privilege, I’m certain a case could be made at LEAST against Eric Holder, and if offered the same deal (death penalty off the table) he would admit that he was answering to his boss, Barack Hussein Obama! I think the Maricopa county Sheriff’s office may be able to do something along those lines, as while the crime happened outside of Maricopa County, it was a Statewide crime.