Proof of Evolution

Thanks to Obama’s failed attempt to invite himself to Congress at a time of his choosing, we have been provided with pretty clear proof that evolution exists.

Oh, not the Darwinian kind. Not the kind that can turn squirrels into bats – or was it bats into squirrels? I can never keep that straight. No, this is patriotic evoloution.

Just two years ago, the apex predator of Patriotism was a powerful beast called Dissent (Dissentum Altissimus Patriotus).  There was no challenge across the landscape for Dissent. However, in the last two years Dissent has devolved into such a pathetic creature that is now named Racism. Meanwhile, over the same two years, a small irrelevent creature has evolved from dwelling under rocks to become the the new apex predator – Respect (Respectum Officium Consul).

Contra to those who seek changes in the fossil record, these species evolutions just move too fast to be recorded.