If it wasn't so scary it might be funny

Why is it that when I read this, with regard to our current agreement with Poland

But Democrats are now questioning all that spending as premature.

“Go ahead and move on with research and development,” said Representative Ellen Tauscher, Democrat of California, who is chairwoman of the House subcommittee that oversees the missile defense program. “But as far as putting holes in the ground in Poland, we are saying no.”

then I think of thisRUN AWAY!!!

It’s not like we have a player on the world stage with a history of overt aggression threatening its neighbors who happen to be an ally of ours…or wait…never mind. Sigh, do these people really want our country wiped off of the globe? At what point does actively campaigning against the interests of your own country actually become treason? Think about it, from their domestic agenda (abortion, immigration), to their energy policy (OCS, ANWR, carbon taxes), to their foreign policy (Iran, North Korea, SDI) – it all is aimed at undermining our geopolitical footing.