Bush to be the Truman of our day?

By no means is any of the criticism directed toward “The One” unjustified. My primary concern is by heaping such large amounts of reprobation on him (should this be capitalized?), the risk arises of diminishing the overall message. Continuous negative discourse, though well justified (and the true Lord knows plenty of opportunities are being provided on a daily basis by the hopechangehope express), I feel provides illegitimate cover to his defenders that we are suffering from an Obama version of BDS. Maybe a little more examination of our side of the fence may be in order as found here.As President Bush’s term winds down, I find that it is very easy for people to be content with accepting for themselves the narrative provided ad nauseam by the left and the MSM about his “failed presidency.” Admittedly, he has provided reasons for disappointment along the way – “comprehensive immigration reform”, Harriet Myers, Medicare Part D – to name a few. As much as the left hyperventilates about “The Unnecessary War,” the undeniable fact remains no United States citizen has perished as a result of islamofascist terrorism on U.S. soil.

Yet one hears well-informed people casually remark that Bush’s war on terror has been a total failure. This is not just political prejudice; after all, the dog that does not bark is not heard. But one need not be Sherlock Holmes to recall that 11th September was meant to be the beginning of a global jihad, with a 12th September, 13th September, 14th September and so on.

Much energy is devoted by the MSM discussing the deterioration of the Republican brand. It is time to aggressively dispel this notion and educate the public. President Bush showed leadership at the expense of public opinion and enough press has been given to his perceived “failures.” In the end, I am very proud of President Bush for being courageous in his leadership and not submitting to the pressures of mob mentality on issues regarding foreign policy. I am very proud of President Bush for placing Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Alito on the United States Supreme Court. I am very proud of President Bush for pushing through his tax cuts. And now I refuse to be bullied into acquiescing to the false notion of a failed presidency.