Lieberman Haters Need a Little Self-Awareness

It’s amusing to watch the swarm of enraged Democrats promising revenge against Joe Lieberman for his daring to oppose the Medicare buy-in.  Isn’t this the party that has spent the last year constantly ridiculing Republicans for supposedly demanding ideological purity in their ranks?  What’s particularly amusing is that the Democrats screaming bloody murder don’t seem to have the slightest self-awareness of the contradiction in their positions. 

Even putting the hypocrisy aside, the accusation that Republicans seek philosophical purity is belied by the contrast between Democrats’ calls for revenge and the GOP’s treatment of its moderate senators.  Conservatives have often been unhappy with moderate GOP senators like Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe, but I don’t hear even the hardliners calling for revenge

It’s also amusing to observe the very short memories of the Lieberman haters.  Just a few years ago, they tried to punish Lieberman for his stance on the Iraq War by encouraging and supporting a primary challenger.  You see how well that worked.  Let’s hope they keep it up, because the result will be to drive Lieberman into the arms of the Republican caucus, thus ending the threat of a filibuster-proof Democratic majority.

As for the mainstream media, while it has presented both sides of the Lieberman controversy, it appears oblivious to or unwilling to point out the hypocrisy of Democrats seeking to stamp out ideological diversity in their ranks. Perhaps that’s because virtually everyone in the MSM assumes, without really questioning, that the GOP is the party that’s drifted so far from the center that it can’t tolerate moderates.