One Last Time-VOTE Dammit!

One thing that has been forcefully brought home to me during my efforts to do this little blog thing is that I will never be a successful analyst or pundit. People aren’t going to click here to see me say the same old things that are being said on thousands of personal blogs across the Internet and, in most cases, better than I can say them. We all know that the thoroughly contemptible Romney family epitomizes every evil associated with being very rich without ever having had to work to get that way. We also know that MItt and Ann would appear more at home in an SNL skit caricaturing the foibles of the idle rich, who have always been blessed with more money than brains, than standing in front of the TV cameras trying desperately to convince working class people that they’re just like us.
Growing up the son of depression era/dustbowl Okies who never had a pot to piss in until well into their middle age, I have always had this unbending contempt and distrust for rich people, especially the idle rich who have done nothing of any benefit to anyone but themselves and made their fortunes by the exploitation of anything and everything on the planet including their fellow human beings. You can whine about that kind of rhetoric being class warfare all you want and I won’t do a damned thing except agree with you because that’s exactly what it is.

It’s not a war that I started and I would much rather it hadn’t been started at all, but it was and I’m in it whether I like it or not and I only have two weapons with which to fight my little piece of this war, my vote and my voice neither of which amount to a pinch of monkey shit by themselves but when joined with the votes and the voices of millions of other people, help to create an irresistible force with which to kick ass and take names on the allegedly immoveable object of stupidity that has all but strangled this country over the past thirty or so years.

To those on the left that sit and whine about “not being able” to make a difference and threatening to stay home next Tuesday because you haven’t gotten everything you wanted for the past four years, I say this: “F%$# you! You’ve goddamned sure gotten more this past four years than you would have gotten under a McCain/Palin administration and what you’ll get from Romney and Ryan… should they win by default because you didn’t have the balls to even cast a vote keep them out… isn’t even a fit subject for discussion.

So go ahead and make your little gesture and cast your little protest vote and if Romney and Ryan get elected because you wanted to send some %$!ing “message” to the Democrats just remember… you drug millions of other people down with you and they aren’t likely to forget that. I know I’m not going to.