Benjamin Netanyahu for President!

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   It is striking (I say ‘striking’ in lieu of ‘devastating’) the contrast between a true world leader and another… well… not so much. All through Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to the joint congress I couldn’t help thinking, “So this is what our nation has been missing?” After years of yammering, double talk, lying, and occasional truth speaking we wish were not true (sky-rocketing energy prices anyone?) it is almost strange to here a leader, any leader, that has the cajones to say exactly what needs to be said, unapologetically, and still come off as a world-class statesman.

   To break down Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech into it’s most base components, he said: America and Israel are allies with very strong bonds, peace is their foremost goal, they will not compromise their security to achieve peace, the greatest obstacle to peace has been the palestinians’ and arabs’ own intransigence and violence, they are willing to make generous concessions, they will not negotiate with murderers intent on their (Israel’s) destruction. Let’s be honest, one cannot speak any clearer or any fairer than that! I have to say that I was very impressed how he could deliver such a speech with so much conviction and heart while being respectably diplomatic and polite. That’s a jarring contrast to Obama who must have been the first presidential candidate in history to openly accuse at least half the population of the United States of being too attached to the first and second ammendment of the constitution… or maybe I’m just being a bitter clinger?

   I admit that I have never thought much of Mr. Netanyahu, Israel, or politics in general until about three years ago. I have to say,  especially after viewing the Israeli Prime Minister’s speech, that I am convinced more than ever that not only are we, as a nation, heading in the wrong direction but we may have a serious dearth of American leadership. I’m not saying that there aren’t indeed leaders of his caliber in America; I’m saying they never seem to have such a platform with which to deliver such a simple and unequivocal message. If such a man or woman exists then we will have a shoo-in for 2012.

Today I heard a man speak as a polar opposite of Barrack Obama and my mind is completely blown. Bibi speaks and acts as american leaders ought to. My only question, “How does he get a Hawaiian birth certificate?”