Everybody Beats Dodd In Latest Q-Poll

The latest Q poll is out, and despite his seemingly endless repetition of the worn out “all I can do is my job” line and his protestations that he intends to run again, Chris Dodd and Democratic party leaders have some serious thinking to do.

The poll, released this morning, shows Dodd getting crushed in a match-up against Rob Simmons, 34/50, and losing to Sam Caligiuri 37/41 and to Tom Foley 35/43. Pretty incredible since 88 and 80 percent of voters don’t even know enough about Caligiuri and Foley to have a favorable/unfavorable opinion. Had the pollsters asked, they probably would have found that the only Republican Dodd could beat was George W. Bush.

It will be interesting to see what part of these results is AIG-induced hysteria and fades away by the next poll, and how much is just voters realizing what they are stuck with for a senator.

Coverage of the results was everywhere and largely harsh. Here’s what I got:

And from the left (I wade through the muck so you don’t have to!):

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