Dodd's Wife Recevied Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars For Serving As Director For AIG-Controlled Company

Do you remember the “analogies” section of the SAT? A is to B as X is to Y? Well, after the lady Huskies dismantled Vermont 104-65 in Sunday’s first round match-up, I think the following analogy is apropos.

Kevin Rennie : Chris Dodd :: UConn women’s basketball team : University of Vermont

Rennie has been ripping the scabs off of Dodd’s festering wounds for some time now, but today, writing for RealClearPolitics, he sticks the knife somewhere new, taking aim at Jackie Clegg Dodd’s connections to AIG. Just as things started to die down on the bonus front, a new motivation for Chris Dodd to interfere on behalf of the AIG execs emerges. It’s amazing how Rennie, in his free time, has turned up more info than the rest of the Courant reporters put together, isn’t it?

Not only is Dodd the largest all-time recipient of campaign donations from the bailed-out insurance giant, but apparently his wife has received tens of thousands of dollars from an AIG-controlled company out of Bermuda, as well.

Clegg was compensated for her duties to the company, which was managed by a subsidiary of AIG. In 2003, according to a proxy statement, Clegg received $12,000 per year and an additional $1,000 for each Director’s and committee meeting she attended.

Of course there is nothing blatantly illegal or unethical about this, but it certainly adds fuel to the fire already burning against Dodd for his deception about, and questionable motivations for, writing/allowing the exemption to the stimulus bill.

There is also an interesting, interactive map of interpersonal connections of Mrs. Dodd (and the Senator) at Muckety.

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