Off The Wire: Kevin Rennie On Dodd, The Q-Poll, Joe And Chris Friends Again And More

Unfortunately for me, I am back in the United States, though I haven’t made it back to Connecticut yet. I picked a less-than-optimal time to be away, and feel like I missed a lot. I have done my best in the short time I have had to put together some links that may be of interest from the past week.

There are a lot of links and some of it is slightly old news. If you are prioritizing, I would check out the links marked “**” first.

– Kevin Rennie, the Hartford Courant opinion-columnist-turned-investigative-reporter continues his crusade** to hold Chris Dodd accountable for his ethically questionable real estate dealings with William Kessinger and convicted felon Edward Downe. Rennie is doing a fine job of digging through details the mainstream media has thus-far neglected to do, and has gotten plenty of much-deserved attention. Be sure to read Rennie’s article, and if you want more, check out:

– Quinnipiac released it’s latest poll on March 10, and the news is not good for Dodd, regardless of how his folks want to spin it. The poll itself can be found here, with news coverage and analysis at the following:

When I get home I will put together a more complete look at the poll results.

– Joe Lieberman’s transition back to being mostly Democrat continued with his announcement of support for Dodd in 2010 despite Dodd’ backing Lamont a few short years ago. Coverage at:

– Dodd’s current plight warranted a substantial article in Time. Connecticut Local Politics has a post on the article, and on Dodd/Lieberman as well..

– Dennis House of WFSB and Face the State has a post worth reading about his role as a journalist in covering someone he likes.

Ennuipundit on the irony that is Chris Dodd.

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