Why I Won't Worry About Chris Dodd This Week

That picture is where I will be for most of the next week. I will be without a computer, so posting will be light, sporadic or non-existent. Hopefully I don’t miss too much, though Simmons may make an announcement before I am back on-line. In any event, soon after I return I plan to transition from  [Blogger] to a more attractive and easier to use WordPress site; hopefully that excitement will be enough to get you to come back. I will have limited email access on my phone, so somebody email me if anything good happens. I’ll try to read them between Coronas.

One last installment of Off the Wire before I go.

The Minority Report on Barney Frank’s desire for criminal prosecutions of those responsible for the banking crisis – except, of course, for himself, his boyfriend, Chris Dodd, etc.

New York Magazine, Right Soup and Osmoothie on Dodd’s plan to increase the FDIC borrowing limit some seventeen times it’s current level. Because, you know, we have a bunch of money lying around and we didn’t know what to do with it.

Ironman with a flashback to Dodd on failing banks.

Brainflation with an interesting point regarding the constitutionality of Ted Kennedy receiving honorary knighthood, and Chris Dodd’s response. I don’t imagine that that this is going to turn into a scandal, but my guess is Dodd hadn’t thought about it before laughing off the claim. That is how many politicians these days view the Constitution (see the recent blatantly unconstitutional DC voting rights bill that passed in the Senate with Dodd’s support).

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