Are Connecticut Democrats Hoping For A Dodd Retirement?

The Yale Daily News has a look at Dodd’s prospects for 2010, including the perspective of another Democrat who will be campaigning at the same time.

By all accounts, Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd is vulnerable.

With 20 months until he is up for re-election, Dodd has yet to announce whether he will seek another term. And the five-term senator’s prospects are by no means positive – he is suffering in the polls and is recovering from political scandal. But the uncertainty regarding Dodd’s candidacy transcends his career alone; many Democrats are anxious about the political ramifications of his delay.


[Democratic gubernatorial candidate Susan] Bysciewicz said that while she does not know for certain if Dodd would seek reelection, she encouraged him to make up his mind soon, and announce his intentions.

“If I secure the nomination of my party, I want the strongest possible Democrat on the ticket with me,” she said. “If [Dodd] is running, he needs to announce and he needs to meet with constituents.”

Sounds like she is a little concerned Dodd may drag her down, which poses an interesting dilemma: as great as it would be for our state and our country to be free of Chris Dodd, his retirement could very well make the seat easier for the Democrats to retain.

I believe those currently considering a run on the Republican side, especially Simmons but Kudlow and the others as well, have a realistic shot at taking the seat in a match-up against the much weakened Dodd. But if Blumenthal changes his mind with a Dodd retirement, or if Ned Lamont wants back in, I think the odds of a Republican pick-up are very likely diminished.

So here’s to hoping Dodd’s ego refuses to let him step aside gracefully, and that he gets beat by whichever Republican challenger eventually emerges.

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