Off The Wire: Dodd, The Dow and Kudlow

– From Ironman’s blog at The Next Right, quoting Chris Dodd on February 15, 2007, when the Dow was a little north of 12,600:

“At the end of my tenure on this Committee, I want it to be said that the safety and soundness of our financial institutions was not weakened on my watch,” Dodd said.

While Dodd’s tenure is not over yet, it may not be too early to say his tenure is likely to be a failure by his own standard, what with the Dow now about half of what it was when he took over.

– Michael Barone at US News and World Report on 2010 and the Kudlow rumors. (HT Ironman again).

– More on Kudlow at Politico here and here (quoted below).

Kudlow confirmed his interest in an interview with POLITICO this afternoon and said he was talking to strategists to assess the feasibility of a statewide run. He said NRSC chairman John Cornyn met with him over dinner last week to discuss the idea, and the two have since had a follow-up phone conversation.

“He came up to me, and put it right on the table. He seems to think it would be a good race, and a national race,” Kudlow said.

Kudlow, though, said he enjoys his job as a CNBC anchor and commentator – and it would be tough to leave it for the world of politics.

“I’m thinking about it, that’s all I can say…it’s the kind of thing where I’m talking to friends, talking to strategists, talking to my wife, and praying on it,” Kudlow said. “It’s all come on very fast, and I don’t have any definite thoughts at all other than the fact that I am thinking about it.”

Could be the makings of an interesting primary!

– An interesting post at binder’sblog on Chris Dodd’s “liberation.”

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