Dodd Just Doesn't Get It

An article from a Maryland area ABC affiliate, WMDT-TV, quotes Sen. Dodd making the following incredible analogy:

Banking Committee Chair Senator Chris Dodd says, “We don’t blame the patient when the doctor fails to tell them, that they might not survive the surgery. Why should we blame the home owners in many ways.”

Is it any wonder we are in such trouble when one of those in charge of getting us out is so misguided he thinks those who tried to take advantage of sub-prime lending are comparable to medical patients?

Perhaps the analogy would be more apt if the patient were going to a doctor for an elective cosmetic procedure and went to some hack doctor in a dark alley because they didn’t have the good fortune or the patience and discipline to save up for a board certified doctor. Somehow I doubt that Dodd, of the housing and government-funded healthcare are God-given rights school of thought, had that in mind.

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