Off The Wire: Dodd, Arthur Andersen, And More On His Irish Cottage

Instapundit links to an article from Jewish World Review in January, 2002, highlighting questionable associations Chris Dodd had tied to Arthur Anderson and the Enron collapse. In light of this same type of behavior with Countrywide and others in more recent times, a pattern seems to be appearing.

While many candidates of both parties have received campaign contributions from Enron and its self-serving “independent auditor” Arthur Andersen, very few have passionately fought their cause in Washington as diligently as Chris Dodd. Dodd has received more money from Artur Andersen than any other Democrat – $54,843.00 – and has aggressively worked to insulate Artur Anderson and other accounting firms from liability to defrauded investors in cases like Enron.

Read the whole thing.

Also, there’s an article in the Telegraph on Rennie’s piece on Dodd’s cottage in Ireland that has apparently been immune to the rise in property values that has been affecting the rest of the country.

Given the Irish property boom, a conservative estimate would be that the house would be worth approaching $1 million, and very possibly much more than that.

So why hasn’t Dodd declared a more realistic true value of hte property? No doubt he didn’t want to highlight the fact that he had a third splendid pile, to go along with his residences in DC and Connecticut, as he sought the presidency (remember how all those homes harmed John McCain?). Maybe he knew it would mean further scrutiny of his connection with the pardoned crook Downe.

Now that President Barack Obama – whom Dodd enthuisiastically endorsed for president over Hillary Clinton – has declared a new era of ethical government in Washington, his former colleague will order a fresh, long overdue reappraisal of its value. Or perhaps the Senate Ethics Committee will look into the matter.

Call me cynical, but I wouldn’t advise you to hold your breath.

Neither would I.

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