Dodd's Friday Meeting On How To Spin His Scandals? Opinions Solicited On Twitter

I was poking around on TweetDeck this afternoon when I saw the following two Tweets in my “Search: Dodd” window:

[ ] Sen Chris Dodd. Popularity declining amidst Countrywide scandalMeeting Friday w staff to brainstorm Any ideas to help spin this?

Suggestion on how to reestablish Chris Dodd’s popularity after recent Countrywide scandal? Brainstorm session with his team on Friday. Help!

I replied, suggesting he resign. The following Tweet came in response, and the earlier two tweets were apparently deleted from the persons profile (I have the screenshot, just can’t figure out how to post it):

How would you suggest Sen. Chris Dodd reestablish his popularity since the Countrywide scandal? Serious responses only, please.

If this “spin” meeting is scheduled as advertised, it would seem to indicate that the Dodd folks are getting a little worried about where they stand in the public eye, despite his repeated statements that he is unfazed by the swelling public disfavor. I am not sure that begging for ideas on Twitter is the best way to get PR advice on how to “spin” his involvement in scandal after scandal, though. He may want to try not doing things that are unethical or maybe apologize for flushing the economy down the toilet.

Do the Dodd people actually have a meeting scheduled for Friday? I don’t know why a random Twitterer would make that up, but stranger things have happened, I suppose. A little internet research (LinkedIn, etc) on the name on the Twitter account showed someone with the same name/gender/age range in the area has a graphic design/PR background, so it could be.

In any event, if you have any great ideas for how Chris Dodd can repair his image in your eyes, you may want to relay them to the Senator’s office before their Friday “brainstorming” session.

Cross-posted at The Artful Doddger.