Hartford Business Journal on the Republican Resurrection In Connecticut

In the Hartford Business Journal tomorrow, Dean Pagani looks at the changing political landscape in Connecticut for the 2010 elections.

For the first time in a long time, there are Republicans thinking about waging statewide campaigns, not only because they think they have a shot at winning but to position themselves for future campaigns. That’s a healthy approach if the party ever hopes to be relevant.


Despite minority status and the lack of candidates as political stars, Republicans see 2010 as their best chance to change Connecticut’s political landscape in a long time, The question is no longer whether to run. There is a sense the pendulum is swinging their way.

That is the sense indeed. Hopefully it plays out that way.

Also, as mentioned here, Rob Simmons was on Face the State this morning (video here). He didn’t say anything we hadn’t already heard, stating he would likely make a decision by the Ides of March. He brought his own mortgage papers and gave a copy to Dennis House, and Dodd’s mortgage problems were mentioned every few questions. He did fine, and sounded the entire time like a candidate.

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