Another Hat In The Ring? Caligiuri "Strongly Leaning" Towards Challenging Dodd

State Senator Sam Caligiuri will make a final decision in the coming weeks, but as of now he is “strongly leaning towards running” for Chris Dodd’s senate seat in 2010. From the Waterbury Republican-American:

Caligiuri said he senses voters in Connecticut are ready to boot Dodd out of office after more than three decades in Congress.

“I thank Senator Dodd for his service to Connecticut, and I appreciate his commitment to public service, but I don’t think he is the same Chris Dodd we sent to the Senate nearly 30 years ago, and I think he has forgotten over time that he is there to represent Connecticut,” he said.

“There are times when it becomes very clear that change is necessary. Then you have to ask yourself do you think you can bring the right kind of change to the people. I am convinced it is time for a change, and I am convinced if I do decide to run that I can bring the kind of change that Connecticut needs,” he said.

I imagine he is waiting a few weeks to see if Rob Simmons is running. I can’t picture a scenario where Caligiuri could beat Simmons in a primary. On name recognition alone, Simmons would be so far ahead I doubt if Caligiuri could ever catch up.

Also, did you notice the the last quote from Caligiuri was just a little “Hope” short of an Obama campaign commercial? I guess he figures that “Hope ‘n Change” worked so well for O, why not give it a shot.

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