Dodd Steps In It Again; At Least He's Consistent

The Connecticut Post and the Hartford Courant both have coverage of Chris Dodd’s latest embarrassment, the revelation that he was one of the recipients of a significant amount of campaign contributions from R. Allen Stanford, this week’s Bernie Madoff. In fact, he was fourth on the list, coming in at $27,500 according to the Post, though the Courant quotes Dodd’s spokesman as indicating the amount he received from Sanford was $3,000. Apparently the difference was donated by Sanford employees.

Dodd responded with his now-standard line that he did nothing wrong, but he is going to make things right anyway, this time by donating the contributions to charity. See video of his press conference at the LOB at CT News Junkie, NECN and WTNH.

The Post article was particularly harsh on Dodd.

Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd came under renewed attacks Wednesday from Republicans who claim he has been bought off by a “rogues gallery” of financial scofflaws.

Dodd, who is up for re-election in 2010, has been ripped by Republicans for reportedly getting favored treatment on two mortgages from Countrywide Financial, which was at the heart of the nation’s subprime meltdown.

He’s now under the gun for accepting $27,500 in campaign contributions since 2002 from Stanford Financial Group, whose Texas offices were raided Tuesday by the Securities and Exchange Commission.


“Only when faced with public scrutiny and plummeting poll numbers did Dodd turn his attention to fixing the economy, but unfortunately for his re-election chances, Connecticut voters are seeing through this political posturing and not liking what they see,” said Brian Walsh, NRSC communications director.


[Larry] Sabato, who handicaps federal campaigns, said Dodd is one of three or four Democratic senators who could face a serious challenge in 2010. Given the “slim pickings” for Republican gains, Sabato expects Dodd will continue to face an onslaught of attacks from the NRSC.

Attacks like this are coming regularly now, softening Dodd up for the real attacks to come from his eventual challenger. Dodd has certainly provided the ammunition.

Other coverage of Dodd most recent debacle can be found at the Everyday Republican, Wall Street Journal – Washington Wire, Shelly Sindland’s blog, and connpolitics.tv.

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