Chris Dodd Would Give Michael Jackson An Orphanage If He Promised In Writing To Behave

Chris Dodd is still going with the whole Hope and Trust theory of fiscal governance, and even the Obama lemmings are pointing out the obvious.

From the Daily Kos:

Senate Dems, led by Chris Dodd, are refusing to add accountability provisions to the TARP money. Can’t have the taxpayers be protected from more stealing of taxpayer money.

And from OpenLeft:

Dodd’s willingness to just trust the administration is, as Elena Schor noted earlier this week, similar to the trust many Senate Democrats placed in the Bush administration when granting them authority to sue military force in Iraq. Keep in mind that Dodd was one of the Democratic Senators who gave that authority to the Bush administration. While it can safely be said that there are good reasons to trust the Obama administration more than the Bush administration, HOPE and trust were abandoned as systems of government a long time ago. A far greater level of assurance than a letter to Congress would have been President Obama signing a Senate-approved version of HR 384 into law. It is a willingness to sign such laws, beyond HOPE, that was the reason so many Americans voted for Obama back in November. Letter of assurance are no substitute for actual laws.

TARP money will be released, without any new conditions, oversight or transparency attached to it. At this point HOPE has moved from a campaign slogan to a system of governance.

The question is, will they still vote for this guy in 2010.

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