Egypt as an ally?

The president of Egypt has resigned and the military has taken over.  After almost 3 weeks of protests against President Mubarak the people seemingly got their wish.  But did they?  I cannot help but think that this will not be a good thing for the Egyptian people as a whole.  It seems very similar to the events in Iran in 1979.  The Shah was overthrown and eventually a theocracy took over and now we have Ahmadinejad.  In Iran, we went from having an ally in the Shah to a mad man that would like nothing more than to be rid of the United States and Israel.

In my opinion the situation in Egypt is of greater importance than it was in Iran.  Egypt controls the Suez canal.  The canal connects the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea.  This allows ships to sail from the Atlantic Ocean to the Indian Ocean without having to go around the southern tip of Africa.  This plays a huge roll strategically and economically for not only the United States, but the world.

I think that things will only get worse in Egypt and maybe never get better.  This will be especially bad for the Egyptian people.  It will be bad for the rest of the world.  I hope that Egypt is not another domino to fall in the Middle East.  Could Jordan be next?  How about Kuwait, Qatar, Iraq or the UAE?

Time will tell, but I am not very optimistic about the prospect of Egypt being a good ally much longer for the United States.