My State of the Union Address

If I were to give the state of the union address it would differ greatly from what the president said on Tuesday night.  So here is some of what I would say in my state of the union address.

“Good evening fellow Americans.  The last few years have been some of the most interesting in the history of this great country.  We have passed a stimulus bill that has not stimulated anything other than the growth of government.  We passed a health care bill that was over 2,000 pages long, that nobody read and will not bring down the cost of health care as was promised.

The first order of business will be to get our finances in order.  Now it took us a long time to get to this point and it will take us a while to get out of it.  So to start I would urger congress to suspend the recovery act.  It has not held down unemployment and was full of earmarks that we cannot afford.  Next we need to roll back our spending levels to at least 2008 levels if not lower.

The house has already repealed the health care bill and I would urge the senate to do the same.  Since most of the bill has not even gone into effect yet lets repeal it and start over.  The bill as is does not accomplish the goal of making sure that all uninsured people cannot get insurance.  Let’s start over with this: people should be able to buy health insurance across state lines.  This opens up the market to competition which will lead to lower insurance premiums.  We need to make it easier to open health savings accounts that people will be able to use until well after they have retired.  All other ideas brought to me will be considered.  Certainly we can get a common sense bill that brings down the cost of health care.

Next I propose starting to close unnecessary cabinet departments, starting with the Department of Education.  There is no way that a bureaucrat in D.C. has any idea what the needs or concerns are of any town in America.  Let’s return education issues back to the states and local control.  This will save us about $45 billion dollars a year.

Next I propose the sunsetting of Social Security and Medicare.  Social Security pays out almost $700 billion dollars and will be in the red this year.  It will be totally broke by 2037.  So if you were born after 1964 you will not receive Social Security.  The program will be closed.  Medicare pays $509 billion for medical costs and is already in the red.  If you were born after 1964 you will not receive Medicare.  The program will be closed.

I also have a plan to end the IRS as we know it while also completely overhauling the tax code.  It is called The Fair Tax.  The first thing it does is abolish the 16th amendment to the constitution, the income tax.  The Fair Tax is a 23% national sales tax on all new goods and services.  No more income tax, no more corporate taxes, no more payroll taxes.  You keep 100% of your paycheck.  You only pay taxes when you purchase goods and services.  Not only will this save the country billions in the IRS budget, but it will save Americans’ billions of dollars and lost time in tax preparation.

That is just the start on the domestic front.  On the foreign policy front I propose getting rid of all foreign aid.  No more welfare for foreign governments.  This will also save us billions per year.  It is also time that we get out of Iraq.  The Iraqis must start protecting themselves and footing the bill for it.  The same is true for Afghanistan.  That country has never been stable and maybe never will be.

Now, I know that I have proposed some things that may seem draconian to some.  However, we are at the point were the hard decisions need to made and changes implemented.  This is the United States of America.  We can do anything we put our minds to.  Despite all our problems and issues this is still the greatest country ever conceived of.

God bless you and God bless the United States.”

I know these are pipe dreams.  No politician would propose any of there things, especially if they want to be reelected.  We are at the point though that these tough decisions need to be made, but nobody wants to make.  This is to the detriment of the country and will only take us down the road to bankruptcy if nothing major is changed.