Who is to blame?

Is Sarah Palin to blame?  She did have a map showing the Congressional districts that were “targeted” to flip from democrat to republican in the 2010 elections.  Is Rush Limbaugh to blame?  He has a forum for three hours a day to say whatever he wants with no rebuttal.  How about the Tea Party?  They have opposed the president and most democrat members of congress over everything from the bailouts to Obamacare.

How about this.  Let’s put the blame on the person that killed six people and left 14 others wounded including Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.  That would be Jared Loughner.  There is no proof to this point that Loughner was a Sarah Palin follower, Rush Limbaugh fan or a tea partier.  It seems that the only voices that Jared Loughner listened to were in his head.

It appears that Loughner planned for the last three years to assassinate Representative Giffords.  His prime motivation?  Possibly the fact that Giffords all but ignored a question of Loughner’s at a town hall meeting in 2007.  Over three years ago.  Nobody had even heard of Sarah Palin and there was no tea party then.

Of course there were all kinds of knee jerk reactions to this tragedy.  There were calls for more gun control laws, including the renewal of the assault weapons ban.  That would not have stopped this tragedy.  Loughner passed the back ground check required of anybody that wants to buy a gun.  Even if he had not passed the background check it probably would not have stopped Loughner.  According to FBI statistics, 80% of criminals say that they obtained their weapon from a friend of family member.  It seems as though Loughner would have had no trouble getting a gun from a friend that owned a gun.

Almost a week has passed since this tragedy and more details have and will emerge about Jared Loughner.  Let’s all take a deep breath and realize that no matter what motivation comes from Loughner one thing is clear.  Jared Loughner and only Jared Loughner is responsible for his actions on that tragic day.