The Great Cave

Listening to the opening minutes of Rush today he summed the current situation rather accurately. The house has bought the media narrative they will lose big time in the ’14 elections. Because of this they are willing to throw away a winning hand to get out of this mess in a hurry.

When you think about it Limbaugh is correct but not in the way the house views it. What will actually happen is if they cave they assure they will lose big time. The base will rebel and either throw out the lot through primaries or stay away from the polls entirely. It appears the Rinos are in fact creating a self fulfilling prophecy.

What would happen to the media narrative if Lonegan were to win in New Jersey tomorrow? Is it possible that could shake the constant message the conservatives are toast?

I for one am finished with these cowards. Cowards is a harsh term if not that descriptor then it must mean they truly do hold the base in contempt. Meaning they have no interest in honoring their pledge to uphold the constitution. Based upon the current makeup of the house leadership I cannot see a good outcome to this charade.