Is This Possible?

I do not know if any of you heard this today or not. I listened to Mark Levin this evening, 10/3. In his second hour he raised a most upsetting proposal that he is almost certain is the plan. According to Levin dear leader is planning a constitutional crisis if his wishes are not granted by congress. That is the increase in the debt limit. Levin believes if not granted he will usurp congress by unilaterally raising the limit himself declaring an economic crisis. This of course will create a constitutional crisis which will take considerable time to resolve allowing immense damage to the country. According to Levin, Obama’s comments today was an intentional attempt to cause a market crash today. He renewed threat to withhold Social Security payments by declaring a debt default will bring this result. Levin pointed out the legion of academics and groupies who are encouraging him to take this path. Several have already made the case he has the power to do this.

My question is now that Levin scared the crap out of me do you see this as a real possibility or is this simply a stretch on Levin’s part? I put nothing past dear leader so I could be easily led down the path of paranoia by an intellect like Levin.

This of course leads to other questions such as what would the backlash be like? Is a power grab this flagrant likely to succeed? You can hear this on Levin’s website he archives his programs allowing listening on demand. It is the second hour of the program where he lays out his belief this is O’s plan. It is pretty convincing.

Any thoughts?