How Social Media and Movies Can Help Conservatives Make Inroads in the Culture War

Social media is revolutionizing the way movies are made and seen, presenting a golden opportunity for Conservatives to level the playing field in the culture war, an arena in which liberals currently dominate.


How important is it for Conservatives to get some traction in the arena of film and television? Very. Because movies are one of the primary arenas in which culture war is fought, where the conflict between values considered traditional or conservative, and those considered progressive or liberal, is played out.


Two trailblazing conservative women in Hollywood, Becky Best and Wendy A. Goldman have formed a production company, Crusader Pictures, and are utilizing the online social media platform Kickstarter generate grassroots support for their first film, An Incorrect Man, in an effort to level the playing field in the war of ideas. (To read more about the campaign, including a short scene from the screenplay, go to Crusader’s Kickstarter project page.)


An Incorrect Man, an original satire with “ripped from the headlines” appeal, uses humor to give people a vision of life in a world overrun by political correctness—one man’s journey through an Orwellian nightmare in which he can’t say or do anything without offending someone. The story is inspired by a series of tongue-in-cheek articles on political correctness by author Judith Weizner, originally published in Heterodoxy Magazine, a journal published by The David Horowitz Freedom Center.


The film is being launched through Kickstarter, the largest funding platform in the world for creative projects. Each month thousands of people utilize this unique online pledge system to fund projects ranging from film to music and art to technology. Project supporters receive smart, fun, and tangible rewards for supporting and funding Kickstarter projects they believe in.


So significant a development is Kickstarter that Time Magazine named it one of the 50 Best Inventions of 2010. And Mashable, the top source for news in social and digital media, technology and web culture named Kickstarter number one on its list of Ten Websites to Watch in 2011. Crusader’s campaign has received coverage at Big Hollywood and The Daily Caller.


The Kickstarter campaign is an all or nothing proposition and no pledges will be collected unless the total amount is met by the deadline of April 16th. Those who pledge receive a wide array of fun rewards which can be found along with a sample of the script at AnIncorrectMan.com.


Conservatives have a golden opportunity to seize the moment and support films that reflect their point of view. They just need to take the opportunity and run with it.