#PPSellsBabyParts to Hannibal Lecter?

hannibal with wine

I think we have to prepare ourselves for the very real possibility that Planned Parenthood sold baby parts to cannibals.

We’re only four videos into the reportedly dozen or so that the amazing people at the Center for Medical Progress are releasing that expose the ghoulish business practices at Planned Parenthood clinics, and the contents have already beggared belief in their callousness for human life.

Thus far the CMP actors have posed as being from medical research companies. Whose to say they didn’t try out posing as something else, once they established that baby organs were for sale? The dollar speaks. Loudly. Lamborghinis are expensive. Once you’ve degraded your conscience enough that you can crush a baby just so so as to not harm valuable organs, what difference does it make who pays you for those organs?

If a cannibal were to approach an abortionist who is known to sell baby parts and in the course of the negotiations admits to wanting the organs for culinary purposes, the abortionist can hardly contact the authorities and turn the cannibal in lest the cannibal turn around and report to the police his reason for approaching the abortionist. And hey, if the cannibal will pay better than the medical research company, why not? Lamborghinis are, as I said, expensive.

I sincerely hope I’m wrong. I sincerely hope that persons made in the image of God, for whom Christ died on the cross, haven’t descended that far into evil, but I also know that the human heart is capable of unfathomable evil. As a wise old monk I once heard speak on sin and evil said, “Whatever man can do some man will do.” Indeed.

Gird your loins and grab your beads, folks, this could get mind-numbingly awful.

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