Barack Obama: Democrat Savior

Barack Obama is the Democrats’ best hope for getting their groove back as a party.

According to Politico, they think that.

Donna Brazile visited the White House the day after the midterm bloodbath and when she left she was convinced that, “Obama is the best and most effective person to get out the message.”

See, it’s a messaging issue, not a “the people hate what we’ve done with the power they gave us” issue.

And Obama is the one to “message” the party back to prosperity.

That’s the same Barack Obama who launched a parallel political operation that has sucked away energy and donations which, presumably, would have gone to DNC or other Democrat efforts.

The same Barack Obama who, we now can show, lied through his teeth repeatedly and in big ways as he and his party forced Obamacare on us.

Brazile insists that “The base craves his leadership.”

That would be the man who led the party into their present electoral oblivion.

Brazile says, “They want him in the mix, talking about what Democrats accomplished, what Democrats are fighting for, and what the president has done to make lives better.”

What did Democrats accomplish prior to the 2014 drubbing? Obamacare. The lowest workforce participation rate in a generation. Embarrassment abroad that has destabilized the globe. No Keystone XL and the war on coal.

What are the Democrats fighting for? Late-term abortion. Higher taxes. Job-crushing minimum wage hikes. Deviant marriage. Forcing nuns to buy contraception. Ever greater control of the federal government over your life.

And what has the president has done to make lives better? Well, racial tensions are as high as they’ve been in a long time, economic outlook in the tank, and trust in government shredded. One out of three ain’t bad, I guess.

The truth of it really is, Barack Obama is not a party man and he doesn’t have it in him to be one.

Starting with the day he burst on the national scene in 2004, talking about two Americas and he was the one who would bring about a third way.

Then his campaign for President (which began when he ran for Senate in 2006) culminating in his crowning in front of the Greek temple at a location removed from his party’s convention.

Then into governing with an “I won.” rather than “we won.”—“we won” would still have been remarkable hubris and political naïvete, but would at least have included the majorities his party held in Congess. The known lies of Obamacare. Maintaining OFA as a separate entity, and his tone-deafness on issue after issue as Democrat lawmakers felt as frustrated as Republicans with the president’s aloofness and detachment from the process of governing.

“You’ve got me,” he said self-approvingly in 2010, before the Dems lost the House and their supermajority in the Senate.

Even in 2012, with the full power of his machine working and his name on the ballot to bring out so many people who normally don’t vote his party could not retake the House or reestablish a large majority in the Senate.

And now: Amnesty, even after he himself said more than once that not only does he not have the authority to do it, but it would be bad for the country, flooding the job market and overburdening social services.

But this is the man Brazile, or any Democrats, think is the man to draw the party together and be their voice, their true hope for the next cycle?

My goodness.

If there were any thought that the White House intended to behave and be Party people, being careful not to further sour the country on the Democrat brand, forget it. White House aides say they see these two years as “two years of opportunities for a president who won’t be constrained anymore, who’ll be able to say what he wants without worrying about how it could scramble anyone else’s political considerations.”

That’s not being a “party man,” much less the party leader.

I say go for it, Mr. President. I’m sure the Democrats who will be on the ballot in 2016 will love it.

And when they fail to invite you to campaign events, go anyway: you’re not constrained, they’re not the boss of you.

And in the years when you’re out of the White House, keep talking about how your policies and actions did so much good and how the Democrats running supported you and were on board and agreed with you.

Don’t let them deny you. You’re the one who’ll save the Democrat Party.