Outsourcing? Charlie Wilson sells furniture made in China.

Charlie Wilson, the former pro-life former Congressman from my district here in southeast Ohio, the battleground sixth district, lost his seat in Congress when he folded like a cheap sofa bed along with Bart Stupak and voted for Obamacare. Now he wants his seat back, even though he has embraced that damning vote, among others, and has offered no new reasons to vote for him.

Wilson’s family has long been a major furniture retailer in eastern Ohio with a four-story wearhouse store in Bridgeport, right across the Ohio River from Wheeling, West Virginia.

Turns out Charlie’s money (he was 56 out of 435 members of the House in 2010 with a net worth over $7 million) comes in part by selling end tables, bookcases, TV stands, entertainment centers, dinettes, and other various pieces of furniture made in China and a still-not-free Vietnam.

Charlie likes to attack Congressman Bill Johnson for “outsourcing” (a tenuous charge, at best). How much more outsourced can it get than selling items made in China?

Below are a few pictures of tags at Wilson Furniture, with “Made in China” displayed at the bottom. These are just three pieces I spotted in a quick perusal once the sales lady went off to do something else. But note that their lineup of available manufacturers‘ catalogs include a number of manufacturers with factories in China and Vietnam.

If you’re going to look for the best product at the best price to sell to your customers to both satisfy your customers and maximize your profit margin, fine, go for it. If you want to see to it that American manufacturers can be competitive with foreign competitors, great, do it: reduce the regulations and taxation (like Obamacare) that make it difficult for American manufacturers to compete. But don’t pretend you’re for the working man when you both support the regulatory and taxation regime that incentivizes shipping jobs to other countries and then sell products at your family stores that were imported from those same countries.

That’s just tacky.


Wilson Furniture Tag

Wilson Furniture Tag

Wilson Furniture Tag