DEMOCRAT Strickland Judicial Appointee Arrested on Corruption Charges

Between Mahoning (my home) and Cuyahoga counties, you’d think Ohioans would stop trust Democrats entirely.

(For clarification, I’ve provided party identifications, since the reporters unexpectedly failed to do so.)

In a slew of arrests this morning in Cuyahoga County (Cleveland area) Judge Steven Terry was hauled in by the FBI as part of a broad corruption investigation. Terry was appointed by DEMOCRAT Governor Ted Strickland in 2007.

The press release includes the obligatory praise, that you’d like to think the politician actually believes and means:

“Steven has the legal experience, integrity and commitment to serving the public that judges should exemplify,” Strickland said. “I believe he will carry out the duties of his position with fairness and good judgment.”


Terry was pinched after he was recorded on the phone taking direction from the then-county auditor on how to rule on a foreclosure case. The auditor, DEMOCRAT Frank Russo, resigned this past Thursday, September 9, amid allegations he took more than $1 million in bribes, among other things.

DEMOCRAT Russo was one of the main targets of the federal probe, along with County Commissioner DEMOCRAT Jimmy Dimora, who was taken from his home this morning in cuffs and shackles, though by the looks of it he couldn’t have run far.

So far it’s local; no sign yet that anyone further up the statewide chain is implicated, but we’ll be keeping an ear open. One liberal who’s watching the events has already picked whom he think will be the star witness.

So John Kasich (and Rob Portman, should this further depress Dem voter turnout in a county vital to Fisher’s chances) just got a gift that will not leave the public consciousness or the front pages for at least the next 48 days.