Quisling, Moral Coward. (or, "Judas got 30 pieces of silver; how 'bout you?")

Dear Congressman Wilson–

So you’ve decided to vote for the healthcare bill. I’ll not waste more pixels trying to convince you of its wrongness–you’re clearly beyond convincing or rational argumentation based in fact, reality, or sanity. I’m especially surprised by your announcement in the wake of the recent elections in which opponents of the government healthcare plan won in Virginia, New Jersey, and even in New York where the victor, Owens, campaigned AGAINST key provisions of the current bill (notably the public option) and still only won because the GOP shot itself in the foot. The nation doesn’t want this plan–that’s not the same as saying the nation doesn’t want ANY plan, but in every poll the key provisions are decidedly unpopular–and increasingly less popular the more we find out about them. Yet you seem to be okay with all that. Against all sense, against all logic, against public opinion, against good governance, against the interests of your district. I can only conclude that you played it right, held out long enough, and got a sweet deal out of it.

So I wonder: what will you get for selling out your pro-life and blue dog convictions in voting for a fiscally irresponsible bill that will subsidize the slaughter of innocents? Judas got 30 pieces of silver; what’s your payoff?

I’m reminded of Robert Bolt’s play, “A Man for All Seasons,” about the patron saint of lawyers and politicians, St. Thomas More. After Sir Richard Rich gives the damning, perjured testimony in exchange for becoming the attorney general to Wales, More explains to Rich, “It profits a man nothing should he gain the world and lose his soul… but for Wales, Richard?”

That play is chock full of great nuggets you would do well to consider. I’ll buy you a copy and even read it to you if you’d like.

One last note. Per Archbishop Burke, for the sake of your immortal soul, I hope you stop presenting yourself for Communion after casting your vote for the healthcare bill until such time as you realize the sin of the vote, repent of it, and bring it to Confession.

You’ll be in my prayers that you reconsider this regrettable decision. Miracles do happen. Perhaps you will think sensibly and consider real, positive reform that addresses the problems in our healthcare system, doesn’t incur massive debt, and doesn’t subsidize another slaughter of the innocents.

In Christ,
Thomas Crowe