OHIO: Vote Yes for local control and regulation of farms!

Someone whom I trust and who works in local farming in Ohio wrote the following about ISSUE 2 here in Ohio. (The one @ewerickson described so nicely as “banning choking chickens and spanking monkeys.”) In short, it’s a local solution to a concern that national interests may exploit to have more restrictive measures passed in the future. It’s a constitutional amendment to prevent national interest groups from agitating for a simple law that is more to their liking in the future.

First of all, it is important that you vote ‘YES’ for Issue 2. You can go to this website to find out why: www.ohiolivestockcare.com. This will explain some of what you need to be informed about.

The gist of the Issue is to create a Livestock Board made up of 13 members who will monitor reports of abuses of animals and take care of any problems that arise. It is not connected in any way with any local Humane Society, although there will be one member from a Humane Society. If farmers are to make a living from their wise care of their animals, they sure don’t need Washington or any other out of state organization telling them how to do it! They need people who are close to the agricultural community! And people wo live and work in Ohio!

I don’t want to get on my soapbox, but if you are to convince anyone to vote ‘yes’ you need to know what you are talking about.

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) [which opposes Issue 2, by the way,] is headquartered in Washington, DC. Their membership consists of mostly vegetarians (who don’t want you to have a choice of what you eat). They have a BIG budget. They managed to get Proposition 2 on the ballot in California, and it passed (mostly because the city folks didn’t have a clue about agricultural practices). Now in California in 2014, they will have no more caged layers, no more broiler houses, and no more gestation crates for hogs. The caged layers are clean and dry, well fed, and just do their job laying eggs. The HSUS painted the picture of poor little chickens living in poop, no water, just turning out those eggs. Not true! The broiler house have chickens that go from hatching to the butcher in 6 weeks, and are those nice meaty chickens that you buy in the supermarket. They are well fed, warm, (or cool) and are cleaned regularly. The gestation crates are for mamma pigs and are small enclosures that prevent the mom from laying on her babies when she has them (or eating them sometimes). Hog farmers know how to raise hogs, beaurocrats [sic] do not!

If this issue fails, in about 5 years you will be paying $5 – $10 for a dozen eggs, and much more for chicken and pork in the supermarket, and who knows where it will be shipped in from! VOTE ‘YES’ FOR ISSUE 2, AND TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS! Sorry so long, but I am rather passionate about this. And join the Farm Bureau if you want to help. $62 a year and many discounts come with a membership.