Letter to Congressman Wilson

Just sent this to my Congressman via his online e-mail submission form. Oh, it’s Congressman Charlie Wilson of Ohio’s sixth district.

Dear Congressman Wilson–
I was in Washington this past weekend. Sorry I didn’t stop by to see you, but the crowd made it tough to move anywhere. I did, however, enjoy a nice dinner at the Dubliner after standing with more than 250,000 fellow Americans to oppose, among other things, the various attempts by you and your fellow Democrats to takeover the greatest healthcare system in the world.

I do hope you took note of how many people were there. They were not “astro-turf.” They were not paid to be there–they paid to be there, as did I. They were not rabble rousers, nor were they violent. But they were angry–righteously angry at the various attempts by Congress and President Obama to remake this country into a government-run, rather than citizen-run nation.

You have been unfailingly sunny about the prospects for shangri-la to break out should some form of the healthcare bill pass. For the life of me I cannot fathom why, unless you agree that we ought rightly to be a centrally-controlled populous, reliant upon the benfices of Washington for our bread, water, air to breathe, and any comfort we thing we might desire or need.

The peaceable assembly in Washington this weekend was unprecendented. It was not manufactured, nor was it just a bunch of Fox News zombies. We are too busy and intelligent, and you do us a severe disservice if you think otherwise.

You owe your constituents and this country at large your every effort to push back against the efforts by your party leadership, especially the President and his cadre of radical left-wing ‘czars,’ to remake this country into a place where freedoms are granted, rather than protected, by the government.


Thomas Crowe
Steubenville, OH