Smooth as a Shiv in the Back

I know I’m not the only one to post on this, but thought this aspect was worth noting in particular.

Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner filed suit with the SCOTUS to avoid being forced to do what she can to make sure the Ohio election is not a sham. She said,

As things now stand, the secretary must reprogram the statewide voter registration database by Friday — after Ohioans have begun voting, and as she and the 88 county boards of elections are undertaking other efforts to ensure that the general election in Ohio will be a smooth one.

Boo-friggin’–hoo. You have to set up a system by which the counties can check on names that have already been determined not to mesh with the drivers licenses and social security rolls.

But, of course, it is far more important to the Dems for an election to go smoothly than for each citizen’s vote to be counted fairly. Dems tend to lose fair elections.

Rapists always love it when their victim doesn’t fight back, and especially love it when someone else ties the victim up for them ahead of time.

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