CBS Suppresses Dissent [Retracted]

[okay, so i was impatient. It’s a stupid system they have there — can’t tell when a comment has been posted. My comment did post… 16 times. Once for every time I tried to post it and thought it wasn’t being posted. My bad. Glad there are so many things on RS these days that this small little diary got lost in the shuffle.]

I tried to post the following comment on a CBSNews.com article:

Has CBS completely forgotten about objectivity? Anyone who reads the original article at the Des Moines Register site would see that the editors of that paper — the ones who actually interviewed McCain — had a very different take than the AP reporter here, or the CBS editor who took snippets.

This is sham news. This is an absolute dereliction of duty by CBS, as is the vast majority of the coverage of this election by the vast majority of major “news” outlets. It’s damaging to our republic that depends upon a well and fully informed citizenry to elect the candidate they prefer rather than the one packaged to them.

When I click “Publish,” that button gets grayed out and this appears:

The Publish button will be enabled shortly. We have temporarily disabled it so everyone has an opportunity to comment.

After a few moments that text goes away and the button is enabled. I click it again. The same thing happens again. Repeatedly.

CBS is no longer even trying to be objective.