Biden: "People of the government, by the government, FOR the government..."

Joe Biden thinks socialism is patriotic.


Biden wants to “take money [from people who make more then $250,000] and put it back in the pocket of middle-class people.”

But “to put something back” generally means “to restore something to its former place of residence; to return something to that place from whence it came, whether it came voluntarily or was removed by force.” In the case of taking moneys from those who “make” (i.e., “earn”) more than $250,000 per year and giving it “back” the only way correctly to apply the action implied by the phrase “put it back” would be to give it back to those from whom it was taken (i.e., the ones who make (earn) more than $250,000) through coercive taxation measures. Giving it to those who did not earn it is not “putting it back” at all; that’s wealth redistribution.

He didn’t even put lipstick on that pig, he just called it “the animal from whence comes bacon” and thought we, being distracted by the mention of tasty bacon, wouldn’t notice that it’s a pig either.

Of course, he may mean that the money taken coercively from those who make more than $250,000 rightly belongs to those who did not earn it. In that case we’re looking at good old class warfare with the forces of amorphous “change” agitating and militating against those who “have more” on behalf of those who merely “have.” Perhaps we should coin a term for those who make more than $250,000… perhaps “bourgeoisie“?

Biden claims that paying taxes is the “patriotic” thing to do (comrade), and claims that the bourgeoisie has a duty to be patriotic. The middle class, however, will be treated with a tax cut… does that signify “negative patriotism” on the part of the middle class? I mean, if it’s patriotic to do one’s duty to “help get America out of the rut,” then shouldn’t we all pitch in to this mighty patriotic duty and surrender more money to the guv’mint?

In fact, if Biden had paid better attention in CCD he’d know that his notion of “being patriotic” doesn’t follow Biblical principles. Remember the story about a woman who gave the very little she had for the good of others and was credited as having given far more than the wealthy had given out of their largess? Biden obviously is not a good Catholic so we can’t fault him for not knowing his Bible, but the story teaches us that those who support a cause — in the case of that story the cause was the Temple, in our case it’s patriotism — out of their limited resources exhibit a greater level of dedication to that cause than those who give out of largess. So the middle class, and especially the poor, have a greater opportunity to show patriotism by giving just a little bit of money than do the bourgeoisie

Pity the bourgeoisie.

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