WaPo Radio goes berserk over Palin

On the Stephanie Miller program this morning, she and a co-host were fake-giddy over the Palin selection. “Fake” giddy because I’ve rarely heard a more fake laugh after obviously not-funny material.

Anyhow. When I clicked it on they were talking about having “the former Mayor of Wasilla” in charge of everything. They began slagging her on experience and turned to how she couldn’t even win Ms. Alaska. Creepy fake laughter intersperse throughout. That was the meme — lack of experience. They also tried a “gotcha” by saying “she’s a celebrity, just like the GOP is painting Obama as a celebrity”

The only time they mentioned the fact that she is a governor is to talk about “she is under investigation for possibly abusing her power as governor to try to have her former brother-in-law fired from his job as a state trooper.”

Then Paul Begala came on and it got fun. They talked about how she won’t peel away Clinton voters because, “when I think Hillary Clinton I don’t think inexperience light-weight.” (Of course, that’s precisely what many, many people think when they think “Barack Obama,” but that’s beside the point, apparently.) Begala brought up McCain’s age, his four-time bout with cancer, and Palin’s inexperience. And then they agreed this was the worst veep selection ever, with Begala even proclaiming “this pick makes Dan Quayle look like George Washington.”

They’re apoplectic and don’t realize that their main thrusts of attack will backfire on them. (Or they’re trying to delay that eventuality but realize it will come like that Mac truck off in the distance.) The most glaring problem for them is they are attacking our veep nomination with attacks that are even more valid (youth, inexperience, corruption, celebrity status) against their POTUS nominee.