Is that a stethoscope? Or a hidden mic?

Part VI in a multi-part series about Operation Continuing Promise
(Parts I, II, III, IV, & V)
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Danny Ortega, leader of the communist Sandinista party that caused so much trouble in the 1980s, got himself elected president thanks to Hugo Chavez’s petro dollars. Now he’s yip-yappin’ about this humanitarian mission. He claims it’s a thinly-veiled spy mission since the ship parked 6 miles off the Nicaraguan shore is a warship and not one of our hospital vessels.


My favorite part is right at the end:

Panama, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Guyana, and Trinidad and Tobago are the other nations that will soon feel intimidated by the warship before it returns to its base in Virginia.
(emphasis mine)

A couple things.

First, Danny, c’mon. If the U.S. were set on spying on little ol’ you, we wouldn’t need to park a warship of any size off your coast, let alone one this big. Frankly, it would be pretty dumb.

Second, Danny, this ship is only here because your government accepted our invitation to come. Our embassy had been working with the national and local governments for four months prior to our arriving in port — nothing about what we’re doing ashore is a surprise, and the OCP personnel are kept pretty strictly in the areas where they are working, surrounded by local and national police and the Nicaraguan military.

Third, intimidation? Let’s look at that intimidation:

HN1 Michael Hagglund reading Intimidation Spanish for Health Care Professionals, with boxes of torture devices eyeglasses laid out before him awaiting their new owners.

Truth serum De-worming medication is squirted into this girl’s mouth. Perhaps then she’ll talk.

A whole mess of people who clearly are terrified of the personnel who came off the Kearsarge.

This woman was so scared she had to sit. No, wait, that’s because she’s rather old and has health problems.

Clearly intimidated as they wait outside the interrogation room dental clinic.

These boys ran away screaming played soccer in the park with Seaman Vickers.

This family listens in horror as the torture they shall undergo is revealed intently to the Navy doctor’s instructions before the examination.

This boy was so intimidated he wouldn’t leave anyone with a camera alone. He wanted his terror to be chronicled for all the world to see!

Clearly Danny is on to something there! flappin’ his gums just to feel the breeze.