Hey Christians, this is why people don't take us seriously!

Apparently Mattel has made a new Barbie doll in the image of DC Comic superhero Black Canary that will be released in September. The doll has different facial characteristics than the typical Barbie, and is dressed in a black leotard, fishnets, leather jacket and mid-calf boots. According to this report a Christian group is up in arms over what they are calling S&M gear on the doll. I get what they are saying. The doll is a bit risque, and I wouldn’t buy it for any of the little girls that I know, but that is my choice. My problem is with the response from this group.Every time someone comes out with a product that could be considered offensive to Christian sensibilities, someone starts a tirade about it. Unfortunately for what is, I’m sure, a well-meaning attempt to lead the world in the right direction, the result is less than stellar. People aren’t persuaded by Christian groups whining and complaining about, sometimes, the strangest things. Rather, they are put-off by this behavior. It makes it much more difficult for Christians to get out their message of the faith when people are already thinking of you in a negative light.Now I know that there are times when we, as Christians, need to stand up and make a statement. All I’m asking is that we be a little bit more choosy as to when that happens. If you don’t like the doll, don’t buy it. By running around and complaining to the press all that you succeed in doing is providing free publicity to the company. Good job!