Republican Imposter Vernon Parker Runs For Governor of AZ

Vernon Parker is an African-American running for the Republican nomination for Governor in the state of Arizona.  The first reaction of many conservatives is to do everything possible, pull out all the stops, and make sure he wins the nomination in order to show the world we’re not racists, but Vernon Parker is not a true conservative, and Republicans shouldn’t rush to promote him.

The first huge strike against him is he made national headlines when he received a large federal, taxpayer-grant (over a million dollars) for a minority owned business.  My first reaction is ,”What is a true “conservative” doing taking advantage of taxpayer dollars because of his skin color.  The grant is under even more suspicion since he has been accused of falsifying the documents.

Vernon Parker also has a very light resume, and his position as mayor of Paradise Valley is a joke.  The position is unpaid and unelected, it’s chosen by the city council.  Paradise Valley residents have become so fed up with Vernon Parker they’re attempting to change their constitution so mayors now have to be elected by direct vote.

When are Republicans going to stop thinking that by nominating black candidates the Left is going to stop calling us racists, or that blacks are going to automatically going to start voting Republican?

There are far better candidates in the running that can actually be effective Governors in office. Republicans need to stop playing this game that we need to promote every black Republican (regardless of the quality) in order to show the world we’re not racist.

I want more minorities to become part of the Republican Party and the conservative movement, but I think Republicans overcompensate and promote any huckster that comes along and says they’re a Republican.  We’ve been bitten by this before, just see how thankful someone like Colin Powell was.  My point here is I want Republicans to look past skin color when they decide they’re going to promote minority candidates.