Frum takes on Paul's Conspiracy Theories

Yeah Frum wrote this, yeah we are suppose to collectively reject the guy for being too coalition minded political, however in this case I think its good advice.  Stay away from stupid Conspiracy Theories that are so easily debunked.  Example:  Rand Paul and the NAU and Amero Conspiracy Theories with bonus about how Paul’s version of a Gold Standard would actually work in the real world.

Paul holds a narrow lead now in Ky, we need him to win instead of giving a slam dunk of a Senate seat to the dems.  The dilemma arises, can we or rather should we defend positions such as this or the Civil Rights Act which can only hurt the overall cause in the process???  There is alot more of where this to come, now they are asking other GOP candidates around the country their views on these topics(see Angle in Nevada):


David Frum

Does Rand Paul understand his own conspiracy theories?

Rand Paul has strong beliefs. He’s just too muddled to figure out what they might mean