Ky. Dems excited about Paul winning

Wasn’t the criteria to nominate the most electable conservative?  Grayson may have reeked of “Establishment”, but he’s got a mainstream, solid conservative platform that isn’t setup as low hanging Fruit for the Dems/Media to run against.(see Paul’s positions on Coal, Farm Subsidies, Prior statements on closign Gitmo, blaming US Foreign Policy for 911, etc.)


There is the article today, the Dems are in a hurry to get this thing framed correctly.  However, a just as important point to be made in the latest PPP poll on this race:


53% of likely Grayson voters for today have an unfavorable opinion of Paul to only 23% with a positive opinion of him. More importantly though just 40% of Grayson voters say they’ll support Paul in the general election if he wins the Republican nomination with 43% explicitly saying they will not.

Normally that changes, but given the brand name of Paul, his past positions on Foreign policy and the fact that Paul and Grayson supporters really, really, hate each other and Paul happens to have the most obnoxious of supporters possible who will likely be doing some “in your face” victory dances…I think this may hold.

On other hand if Dem turnout in general is low and GOP is high and that doesn’t happen then he may actually win I suppose.  If he refuses to back down from more of his positions it will make it an up-hill battle in all likelyhood.

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