Ohio, the Venezuela of the Midwest

“A certain amount of corruption is inevitable…” So said Captain Tom Pickett, in The Last Man Standing.

Not so memorable a movie, perhaps, but Pickett certainly understood human nature. It is certainly understandable in politics. The conviction of Sen. Ted Stevens is not a surprise because we know that such things happen. And we believe, eventually, truth will win out and justice will be done.

But justice is not possible in Ohio. Justice has been destroyed in Ohio.

Secretary of State Brunner did not just accommodate voter fraud and corruption, she planned it. She organized it. She went to great lengths to insure that it was carried out, and she used the legal system to keep it from being overturned. ACORN were her tools and accomplices, but the crime is hers.

Governor Strickland tried to appear above it all, but his hands are dirty. Not only did he not intervene in one of the most massive examples of political corruption in recent history, he refuses to deal with the invasion of privacy. Joe the Plumber can be a target of the State. His personal records can be investigated for political reasons, and his private life can be splashed across the national news. His livelihood can be destroyed for political gain. Can anyone ask how a “right to privacy” can justify sodomy and abortion, but does not apply to a man who simply asked a question?

The system of justice has failed miserably. The DOJ lawyers are complicit. The SCOTUS is cowardly. A national election will probably be tainted because of the lack of ethics or courage on the part of those responsible for justice, whether in Ohio or Washington.

It is a stain on the state of Ohio. When the corruption in Ohio exceeds Chicago, or Louisiana of old, the people of Ohio are in serious trouble. If ever there was justification for a recall of elected officials, it is the state officials in Ohio who have used corruption to control not only their state, but to influence the national election as well. The Democrats in Ohio are a very serious threat to our national life. Brunner and Strickland have to go.

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